Treif Picollo 0802 Dicer

Item Number: 1047

Category: Dicer Manufacturer: Treif

Type or Model: Picollo 0800

Year of Manufacture: N/A

Serial Number: 08022.66421.0410-1

Voltage: 220V 3ph

Condition: Good

Description: Treif 84 mm dicer in good condition. Special cutting technique guarantees uniform cutting length from the first to the last cube. Variable cut length from 0 to 1.4" feed chamber opening 3 1/4 " x 12". Maximum output 900# per hour of 1.1"cubes. Several grids and extra spare parts to choose from. 60 day limited parts warranty included in price. 220v 3ph. F.O.B. Ontario, CA.

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